Common Garage Door Problems

Garage entryways prevent unauthorized access to your car and home, boosting your home's security. However, garage doors are prone to damage due to frequent use and exposure to weather elements. Similarly, older garage doors are more susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, garage door repair is essential. Understanding the different garage door issues you're likely to encounter is vital to performing the right repairs. Here are the common garage entryway problems you may face.

Opening and Closing Issues

When your garage entryway fails to rise or lower, you could experience delays accessing or exiting your car's storage area. Also, your garage door may get stuck halfway or lower unexpectedly. This can be risky as you may sustain injuries if you're on the door's path. Furthermore, your garage entryway may be opening slower than usual.

The opening and closing issues may occur when the garage door opener breaks down. For example, if the opener's fuse blows, the opener may not work. Likewise, the operation difficulties could occur due to poor lubrication or damage to garage door moving components. Fortunately, garage door repair professionals have the expertise and tools to troubleshoot the existing door rising and lowering issues accurately.

Strange Noises

Efficient garage entryways usually operate quietly. Hence, if your garage entryway produces loud, unusual noises, this indicates an issue with the entryway's components. For instance, a rattling sound may mean that the moving parts, like screws and nuts, have become loose.

Additionally, squeaking or grinding sounds are an indication that the door rollers or hinges aren't well lubricated, resulting in friction. Moreover, a popping sound may mean that the torsion spring is broken. In such cases, garage door repair is essential to stop annoying noises that may cause discomfort in your home.

Uneven Door Movement

Ideally, efficient garage doors raise or lower evenly. Nevertheless, if you notice the uneven movement of your garage's entryway, this indicates a possible problem with the door's track system. For instance, the tracks on one side may be experiencing resistance preventing the tracks from moving.

Alternatively, debris or grime on the track system could prevent the rollers from moving efficiently. Moreover, the torsion or extension springs could be delivering too little or excess tension to one side of the door. Garage door spring repair may be necessary to fix the issue. 

The common garage door issues include strange noises, uneven door movement, and opening and closing issues. Consider performing garage door repair to fix these problems.