3 Guidelines to Follow After Backing Into Your Garage Door

One of the common accidents that cause garage door damage is when someone accidentally backs up into it. The damage to the door could be minimal or extensive, depending on the speed and model of the car. Countless simple fixes can help you straighten out some damage. However, if the damage is extensive, it is recommended that you hire a competent technician. Here are the four guidelines to follow after backing into your garage door. 

Inspect the Extent of the Damage

The first step should be taking a deep breath and ensuring everyone is safe. After that, get out and assess how much damage you have caused the door. You might get tempted to straighten out or fix certain parts of the door as you check it. However, experts advise that you shouldn't try and move or repair the door. Note that it has many complex parts and mechanisms. Pushing a slightly damaged door could unwind a torsion spring and cause severe harm to you or completely ruin the door. Take photos of the state of the door, and contact a technician. They can tell you whether the damage is repairable. 

Recording the Visible Damage

Start the process by checking the visible door damage. If you hit the door when it was in the process of opening, there is a chance that it will remain gaping. It is advisable to ask a technician to come and assess the damage to determine whether the opener is still operational. If the door is off its track, there is a chance that it will snap and fall if you try operating it. If the bottom of the door got bent or crooked, call the technician to assess the damage and recommend repairs. 

Deciding to Replace the Door

Not all damages will demand that you replace your garage door. However,  its lifespan and efficiency drop once a vehicle backs into it. If the door has two or more damaged panels, it is best to replace them. The age of the door also matters when thinking about replacing it.  Replacement will be better than repairs if the door is more than five years old at the time of the incident. 

You can call a garage door repair service to assess the situation. They can check the panels, opener, and all other parts of the system. They will also recommend the ideal door replacement in the market.