Garage Door Repair: Causes And Fixes For Your Noisy Garage Door

Your garage door should not be that noisy when you are operating it. The noise can be quite annoying, and it may cause you to avoid using the garage door altogether. Unfortunately, it will not get better with time, and the noise is a cry for you to call in a garage door repair services specialist.

Proper garage door repair starts, of course, with an accurate diagnosis. As to why your garage door is noisy, here are some of the possible reasons, and the repair technician will be working by the type of noise your door makes.

Loose Bolts and Nuts

These metal fasteners secure and hold in place the different parts of your garage door. Poor installation and age can cause these fasteners to loosen up, resulting in a distinct rattling sound. In this case, your garage door repair will involve tightening up the loose bolts and nuts with a socket wrench.

Loose Chain Drive

A loose chain drive will also cause a rattling sound, similar to the kind you'd hear when you have loose bolts and nuts on your garage door. A qualified garage door repair technician should be able to tighten it up rather quickly and restore your door to quiet operation.

Spring System Problems

Faulty springs will cause your garage door to hit the floor a little too hard, not to mention producing a popping sound as it opens and closes. If the torsion spring is still in fairly good condition, lubricating and adjusting it accordingly should cover your garage door repair and get rid of the sound. If not, then you may need to replace your door's torsion springs.

Unlike tightening bolts and nuts, adjusting garage door tension springs can be quite dangerous. Reduce the risk of hurting yourself and damaging your door by calling in a qualified garage door repair technician.

Poorly Lubricated and Worn Out Rollers

Rollers, if worn out or not properly lubricated, will produce a grinding noise. Applying lubricant will certainly help to quiet things down. You will need to replace worn-out rollers, and while you are at it, consider getting nylon rollers which are quieter and don't require as much lubrication as the traditional metal rollers.

Old Hinges

Old and worn-out hinges can also cause your garage door to be noisy, producing a hissing or grinding sound. Greasing should do just fine for hinges in good condition, but you may need to replace worn-out and rusted hinges.

Trust only a qualified garage door repair services specialist to diagnose your noisy garage door and employ the right fix to quiet things down.