Five Common Garage Door Repair Services That Can Improve Your Garage Door

Garage doors can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Whether a problem is caused by a part that's old or damaged or a component that has been installed incorrectly, garage door maintenance and repair professionals can work to find the appropriate solution. Any of these five common garage door services may improve how your garage door functions so that you'll be able to operate it again with less difficulty.

Bent Track Repair

If one of your garage door tracks is bent out of shape, your door may get out of alignment and not open properly. This can put a lot of extra strain on your garage door components along with your garage door itself, which could result in damage. Minor warping of a garage door track can often be repaired with a hammer that's used to beat on the bent areas to straighten them. If you have a track that's more severely bent, a track replacement may be your only solution.

New Spring Installation

Damage to springs or a loss in their tension can make your garage door ineffective when you're trying to raise and lower it. Any springs that aren't working properly because of normal prolonged usage or other damage can be replaced. Only professional garage door repair contractors should do the work of replacing springs, as this can be a dangerous job if it's left in untrained hands.

Circuit Board Repair

The circuit board acts as the brain of your garage door opener and sends signals that allow your garage door to open and close when you push a button. If your circuit board sustains any damage or stops working because of a technical issue, you won't be able to raise and lower your door automatically and may have to resort to opening and closing the door manually until the problem is fixed. Once your circuit board has been fixed, you may also need to have your remote control that opens and closes your garage door reprogrammed.

Cable Replacement

If you have a cable that is damaged, your garage door could slam shut when you're trying to close it. You won't be able to move your garage door at all with a broken cable, but a cable that's fraying could snap and could cause your garage door to fall onto a vehicle or person that's underneath it. By having any damaged cables replaced by professional garage maintenance and repair contractors, you can ensure greater safety for yourself and your property.

New Weather Seal Installation

Your garage's weather seal strip is responsible for keeping out environmental elements that can be bad for the inside of your garage, and replacing an old weather strip that's no longer able to do its job properly should be done promptly. Replacing the strip should be easy if you align the sloped edge with the door's exterior portion while the flat part of the strip is situated along the door's bottom. If you're having difficulty replacing your weather seal strip yourself, professionals can come to you to handle the task.

Your garage door will once again be able to function like it should after you've had any problems addressed that hinder its performance. Garage door repair and maintenance contractors who are familiar with all types of garage doors can save you the trouble of fixing your garage door on your own.