Using Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage

Protecting your garage floors will be necessary if you are to avoid the need for expensive and disruptive repairs to this part of your building. Unfortunately, people may not consider the use of an epoxy garage floor coating as a solution to this need.

Myth: Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Are No Different Than Paint

A person may wrongly assume that epoxy flooring is only a little different than applying paint to the floor. While an epoxy coating may somewhat resemble a coat of basic paint, it will actually be very different and offer far more effective protection. This is due to the fact the epoxy will be far more durable than basic paint, and it will form a very strong bond to the garage floor so that oil and other vehicle fluids will be less able to cause it to loosen.

Myth: An Epoxy Coating Will Require Intensive Cleaning

A key benefit of using epoxy to protect the flooring in your garage is that it will be extremely easy to maintain. While some people may assume that this special type of flooring will be harder to keep clean, this is far from the truth as epoxy flooring can be easily cleaned with little more than water. The surface of the epoxy will be resistant to allowing oil and other vehicle fluids to bind to it, and this will make it extremely easy to clean. In some cases, you may have waited too long to clean these substances, which can lead to them being more difficult to remove from the epoxy. While it can be tempting to try to use a degreaser to remove these substances, this could strip away the epoxy. Rather, you will need to use a garage floor cleaner that is formulated for use on epoxy to be able to remove these substances without risking damage to the floor's coating.

Myth: It Will Take A Long Time For The Epoxy Coating To Be Applied

The process of applying epoxy coatings to your garage floor will not take as long as you may have originally thought or anticipated. In fact, you will find that the process of removing any items from the garage and cleaning the floor will take longer than actually applying the epoxy. Generally, a contractor will be able to complete this application in as little as a couple of hours, but it may need up to a full day to cure before you can safely return items to the garage.