Accessories To Make Your New Garage Door Safer

Replacing your garage door with a new one is excellent, and the time to consider adding extra security or safety equipment is during the garage door installation. The garage door company can help you select the right accessories to go with your new door and install them while handling the garage door installation for you. 

Garage Door Openers

Often, a garage door opener is considered a luxury, but the truth is that it has a lot of benefits that make it a valuable addition to any garage door installation. The door opener does all the lifting and eliminates the need for you to lift a heavy garage door to open it every day. 

For people with back issues, this can be a huge benefit, and if you don't have back problems, lifting the garage door the wrong way could cause an injury. Still, if you have the garage door installation company put in an opener when they install the door, you won't have to worry about it at all. 

The garage door company will adjust the door and the opener when installing them and ensure they are working correctly before they are done with the job. While new garage doors are lighter than the older wood counterparts, they are still heavy enough that adding the cost of an opener is something you should consider anytime you are installing a new door. 

Security Locks

Garage doors that have an opener on them are hard to open without the remote, but they can be forced open by someone who knows what they are doing. Adding a digital lock panel to the garage door that includes a locking bar inside the door can make it nearly impossible to get through.

When the garage door installation company comes to install the door, they can add the lock for you as well. The lock goes inside the garage and uses an electric actuator to slide the lock bar into or out of position on the door. These locks have a keypad on the outside of the door that allows you to put in your code, unlocking the door, and opening it at the same time. 

This is a great way to give the kids access to the house after school without worrying about losing a key or forgetting to take it with them. 

Safety Interlocks

Most new garage door installations have a safety switch added to the system to keep the door from coming down and hitting someone or something. The interlock is typically triggered by a light beam that detects someone in the doorway as the door is moving and will stop the door then return it to the up position. 

The door will stay there until there is nothing in the beam and the remote is triggered to lower the door again.