It's All About The Motion: Signs Your Overhead Door Needs Repairs

If you're like most people, you use your overhead door several times a day. When you push the button on the remote control, you expect your overhead door to open or close on command. Most of the time, that happens. But, there may be times when your overhead door refuses to do what it should. When that happens, the best thing you can do is call for repairs. If your garage door opens and closes, you may think it's working fine. If that's the case, take a closer look at the motion. The way your overhead door moves can tell you a lot about its present condition. Read the information provided below. If you recognize any of the problems listed here, it's time to call for repairs. 

Motion is Inconsistent

When you push the button on the remote control, your overhead door should start moving right away. If the movement isn't consistent, there could be a serious problem with your overhead door. Not sure if your door is inconsistent? You can test it by activating the remote control a few times. If there's an occasional delay between when you push the button and when the overhead door starts moving, you need to have your door inspected. There could be a problem with the electronic circuitry. 

Motion is Shaky

Overhead doors usually don't shake while they're moving. In fact, they should move smoothly along the tracks. If your overhead door has started to shake or vibrate along the tracks, there could be a reason for concern. Sudden jolts can be caused by dirty tracks, especially if leaves or larger debris is present. Clean your tracks and then try it again. If the shakes and vibrations continue, stop using your overhead door until you can have it repaired. Your overhead door may not be positioned on the tracks correctly. If that's the case, your overhead door could dislodge during operation. 

Motion is Lagging

Lagging is another problem that can plague overhead doors. Lagging occurs when your overhead door slows down and struggles during movement. Lagging can happen when the drive chain on the opener is damaged. Unfortunately, if the problem continues, your overhead door may stop altogether. If your overhead door slows down and struggles to get moving again, call for repairs right away. 

Don't ignore the problem. If your overhead door is exhibiting any of the motion issues described above, contact an overhead door repair service near you.