Considering Commercial Garage Doors For Your Shop

Large commercial shops or storage buildings often need have-duty doors that will stand up to a lot of use and are sturdy. There are some things to consider if you are shopping for commercial garage doors for your building so that you get the best performance from your doors.

Door Materials

Commercial garage doors come in several materials, but the most common one is aluminum. The aluminum doors are light but strong, and because they are extruded in the factory, they can make the panels fast and inexpensive. The weight of the door is essential if you are opening and closing it a lot, especially if you are not using an automatic color opener on it.

Because the panels are easy to make, replacing a panel if something damages it is a simple task that commercial garage door services can handle for you. Aluminum doors are available in many colors, and if you have a custom color you want, you may be able to order it from the factory through the commercial garage door installer.

You can also get aluminum doors that are clad in vinyl and offer fade resistance, durability, and many color choices, but with lower maintenance than other doors. A dirty vinyl door is easily washed with a pressure washer or a hose, keeping the door looking fabulous. 

Insulated Panels

In areas that have extreme temperatures throughout the year, insulated commercial garage doors can make it easier to keep the temperature in your shop consistent throughout the day. It can also help lower the cost of heating and cooling, making it an excellent investment to consider if you work in the shop all year and need to keep it comfortable.

The insulated panels are made from the same extruded aluminum, but the manufacturer fills the void space in the panel with high-density foam to insulate the door and keep the weather outside the door. 

Installation and Service

Hiring a commercial garage door service to install your door is an excellent choice. For the garage doors to work correctly, the installation must be perfect. The doors need to be square, and the tracks secure so that the door does not bind when you are opening or closing the door. 

If you are installing door openers on your commercial garage doors, the opener and the door must be adjusted correctly, so they work flawlessly together. Having a commercial garage door service install the door and service them regularly will keep the door working, so you do not have to do anything more than open and close the door when you need to.