Garage Door Problems Your Home May Encounter

A homeowner can find that there are many issues that can plague their garage door. While many of these issues can be simple for homeowners to repair on their own, many others can require professional technicians to correctly address.

Issues With The Door Tracks

The tracks will serve the role of acting to guide the garage door as it raises and lowers. Due to this important role, any problems that the track experiences can make it much harder for the door to raise and lower. This is especially true when it comes to sections of the tracking becoming warped or otherwise out of alignment. When this damage has occurred, it may be possible for a professional to bend the track back into place. However, this may not always be possible, and if this is the case, your garage door system will need to have the damaged section of tracking completely replaced to correct the issue and prevent further damage.

Sensor Failures

Sensor issues can also be a source of problems for a garage door system. When these sensors fail, lose alignment, or suffer other problems, they can block the door from closing. This is due to the fact that these problems can send the signal to the system that there is an obstruction in the way of the door. Sensor problems can be difficult for a homeowner to address on their own as they may not be able to determine whether the issue is the result of the sensors being out of alignment or due to one of them completely failing. When it becomes necessary to replace one or more of these sensors, you should be careful to only choose ones that are compatible with your make and model garage door system. Otherwise, the system may not be able to process the signals that it is receiving from the safety sensors.

Spring Failures

A garage door's torsion spring will allow the motor to more easily raise and lower the door. Yet, this spring can warp, corrode, or even break. These problems can lead to the garage door immediately failing to function as you would expect. Repairing this spring can be among the more dangerous types of work that your garage door will require. This is due to the high amount of tension that this spring will have, which can lead to it actually being able to come loose or break with enough force to cause injuries to those nearby. In addition to the potential for causing injuries, this could also lead to collateral damage to other components of the garage door system, which can lead to more costly garage door repairs.