Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair

You probably use the garage door more frequently than your front door, so it may seem to recede into the background for you. That is, it receded until something changes about the door. And then you remember it's not as simple a door as the front entry one. Find out answers to some of your common questions about garage door repair.

Why is my Garage Door Hanging Crooked?

Your garage door may start hanging crooked for a couple of different reasons. If you have an extension spring door, it will have two springs that run parallel to the door itself. The springs open and close your door with their function. If one of them becomes worn out or broken, the door will hang crooked. The spring will need replacement.

 Another issue could be with the track or rollers. If you have a lot of debris in the track, the roller on one side may have gotten stuck. You can check for yourself and clean the debris. Conversely, the roller itself may have broken, which will necessitate replacement.

What are the Noises Coming from the Door?

Unless you have a whisper-soft opener, you will always have some noise with its function. The problem comes with new noises. Grinding noises indicate your opener's chain or belt is out of adjustment. You can probably adjust it yourself.

A clinking sound means one of two things. Your spring coils are rusty and rubbing together, a situation you can remedy with lubrication. Clinking is also another indicator that you have a damaged coil. If you hear thumping, though, you may well have a broken spring, which requires replacement.

Can I Replace my Own Torsion Spring?

Speaking of springs, your garage door might have a torsion instead of extension springs. The torsion spring is a heavy-duty spring mounted to a metal rod. When you close the door, the rod twists the spring and creates tension. When you open it, the spring unwinds to lift the door.

If you hear your opener starting to strain to lift the door, your torsion spring needs replacement. Even a failing spring is under an enormous amount of pressure, though. So, experts generally recommend calling for professional repair services to replace one.

Can I Replace Just a Section of my Door?

One of the most common questions garage door technicians hear about is the replacement of just part of the door. This question usually comes up after the door has suffered from a little accident.

Garage doors are expensive, so homeowners usually want to know if they can replace just the damaged panels. As long as the damage isn't widespread across the door, you should be able to have just the affected panels replaced.

Call for repair services if you have any of the above issues.