Choose A Garage Door That Fits Your Household's Needs

If you are looking for a new garage door, then you'll want to consider some things like the region you live in and the needs of the people and pets in your household. You might be surprised at how accommodating certain types of garage doors can be. Here are some of the things you might want to consider before you pick your next garage door:

Freezing temperatures

If the temperatures in your area often go below freezing, your garage door will need to stand up well to those temps. Steel garage doors will handle those temps well, but you will want to make sure the garage door is also well-insulated because steel alone won't offer you much in the way of insulation. Vinyl garage doors also do fine in this type of weather. Vinyl doors are often made with good insulation, but you do need to make sure you choose a door that is well insulated because they don't all come with it.

Hot temperatures

If you live in an area where the temperatures can get to be triple-digit often, then you'll need a garage door that won't be ruined by the heat. Fiberglass is a good choice. Fiberglass garage doors are lightweight, customizable, and they can come in designs that look like wood.

Young children and/or dogs

If you have young children or dogs in your home, then you want a garage door that won't pose a safety risk to them. You should have a garage door that has an auto-reverse feature that will stop the garage door from coming down if something is under it. There are eye-sensors that will be installed on the sides of the frame that sense when something is in the way and cause a descending garage door to go back up.

Your child's tiny fingers can get hurt if they get their fingers stuck between the gaps in the door panels, so you can have a professional install rubber seals for you that will prevent them from getting their fingers in the gaps.

You also want your garage door to have locks that keep the garage door from opening even if the button is pressed. This way, your young child won't be able to open the garage door if they get ahold of your door opener.


Once you go through the different benefits the garage doors have to offer and you make sure you have the features included that are important to your household, then you will know the door is going to work out well.

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